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Wyckoff analysis was born out of years of practical study of the stock price boom and bust cycles. Its founder, Richard D. Wyckoff was a profound observer of the markets.


Hidden support and resistance is virtually unknown to a majority of traders. Yet this phenomenon is responsible for many of the big trends and corrections that we see play out in markets over the longer time periods.


One of the smartest things you can do in a down cycle is having the ability to switch to an alternative trading strategy. Or even an alternative asset class.


Ichimoku is an all-in-one system that can be helpful when trying to figure out trending, reversals, support, resistance areas and volatility.


If markets were completely logical and responded only to hard facts we’d see them moving more or less in straight lines with a few jumps here and there when new information arrives.


Trends are all about timing. Time them right you can potentially capture a strong move in the market. Time them wrong and you’re likely to lose money.


Brexit offers some unique opportunities for the contrarian trader. In this article I'll explain why I am trading against the crowd and what my trade setup for this momentus event will be.


Does Fibonacci retracement actually live up to its reputation as a predictive tool? Take a look at the following results and make up your mind.


The ideas I'm sharing here helped me to generate consistent profits over several years and helped me become one of the top Trade Leaders in Currensee. Contrarian trading in a nutshell means profiting from crowd behavior.


Fibonacci fan is primarily a tool for analysing trends. The most basic use of Fibonacci fan is to mark out lines of support and resistance within a trend channel.