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To reach the level of a profitable trader there are two opposing views: To specialize or to diversify. But each has strengths and weaknesses.


Pyramiding is a trading system that drip feeds money into the market, gradually as a trend develops. This strategy has several advantages.


Trends are all about timing. Time them right you can potentially capture a strong move in the market. Time them wrong and you’re likely to lose money.


This strategy works by detecting breakouts in EURUSD at times when volume is increasing sharply. Usually this coincides with the open of London markets.


You may have seen there are countless articles on the web declaring engulfing strategies are a sure bet and offer high probability trade opportunities. But does this approach really work? In this article I will do a thorough analysis of the data to prove if this method really stacks up.


The classic way to trade the Keltner channel is to enter the market as the price breaks above or below the channel. This is simple crossover and is a typical breakout strategy.


This momentum strategy is very straightforward. All you need is the Bollinger bands indicator and to do some basic checking of chart candles. It trades on chart patterns that display signs of pending momentum – that is upward or downward acceleration in price.


All serious money managers know that the smart money is made not when the market is stable but when the market goes through a sudden state of change. Take for example, the end of a bull run or the imploding of an asset bubble.


Straddle trades are so called because they have two separate legs that sit either side of a given price level. More often than not, straddle trades are used to trade breakout events.


In theory trailing stops provide a way for traders to limit losses and to lock in profits on individual trades. The basic idea of the trailing stop is that as a trade moves into profit, the stop level adjusts upwards in the case of a long (buy) trade or downwards in the case of a short trade.