1. Great article to share. You have cover almost all the point. It will be very helpful for the newbie trader like me.

  2. I believe that for one to succeed in Forex trading, they have to take into account the information you have provided above while looking for a broker to work with. You might find that most brokers have very bad features and/or performance, such that a trader, especially the beginners, end up giving up on the game, having lost almost all of their initial capital. A trader has to understand the meaning of the various terms used by brokers, like roll over fees, leverage, over weekend e.t.c. I remember when was starting trading i did not understand what leverage meant and i traded with x400. I technically lost all my capital in a single trade within an hour! The most important thing is to decide the kind of trader that one wants to be before choosing a broker to work with. For instance, if you are a low risk long term trader, it would be more profitable to choose a broker who does not charge rollover fees, since your trades may take a couple of days before they close.

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