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Pro Divergence Indicator Pack

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Pack of indicators for divergence traders. Includes a technical divergence tool, an indicator for analyzing divergence between asset types, and a stop/profit advisor.

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Included in this combo package:

Pro version of the Technical Divergence Indicator. An advanced MT4 indicator that will tell you when to place a trade based on oscillator divergences. It runs in the background and can send trade alerts either by email, SMS or display them in the trading terminal. Works with MACD, RSI, OsMa, Stochastic and other oscillators. Regular indicator price $195.
Technical divergence signals
Technical divergence signals © forexop


Pro version of the Cross Market Divergence Indicator. A unique indicator that lets you analyze relationships between different instruments, e.g. Oil and USDCAD. Will alert you when the correlation “breaks down” which can present a profitable trading opportunity. Regular indicator price $195.


Pro version of the Stop loss and take profit advisor. A visual indicator to will work out optimum stop losses and take profits for a given trade. Regular indicator price $129.50.
Optimize stop loss and take profits
Optimize stop loss and take profits © forexop


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