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Markets never go in a straight line, in either direction. One question then that a trader has to ask is at what level to expect a retracement, aka a pullback. Failing to account for retracement can either result in missing out on profits, by exiting the trade too soon.


Ichimoku is an all-in-one system that can be helpful when trying to figure out trending, reversals, support, resistance areas and volatility.


Price bounces can be triggered by contact with any kind of support and resistance area. This can be a daily pivot line, a horizontal price support, a moving average line, or a Bollinger band line to name just a few.


The power of the zig zag indicator is in its ability to cut through market noise and locate chart turning points. These are where trends are turning from one direction to another.


As far as technical analysis methods go, Ichimoku or by its full name Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, is one that’s usually put into the “bizarre”...


Range trading is a simply yet powerful trading technique in forex. It complements a number of other strategies such as trend following and breakout trading but many use it successfully on its own.


Pivots are a tool often used by range traders and day traders to work out likely reversal points based on the previous day’s price activity. The beauty of pivots is their simplicity.