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margin calls


The term “margin call” comes from the days when a brokerage firm would call a client on the phone and ask them to increase...


Here are 7 easy tips that will help to lower risk when trading foreign exchange and any other market.


When used correctly, leverage can help you to achieve much bigger returns than you’d normally be able to with your own money. As with all things, leverage needs to be used carefully and in moderation.


Drawdown happens when losses in a trading account outweigh profits over a certain period. If you trade in any kind of volatile instrument, some drawdown is inevitable and is one of the risks associated with putting your money into financial markets.


There are many different markets that can be traded in to make a profit. The largest of any of them is clearly the foreign currency exchange, also called Forex (FX). This market trades more than three trillion dollars each day and currency traders can learn how to pull in a share of it.