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Kevin is an active trader, alternative investor, and traveler, having retired after spending several years as a financial market analyst. Kevin is familiar with all market instruments, whether it's Shanghai equity index futures, Italian distressed debt, or Latin American currency options. When he’s not trading and writing research reports for fun, he can be found surfing and exploring uncharted islands in Indonesia eating a sandwich in Manhattan.


If you find yourself repeating the same trades day-in and day-out – and a lot of active traders do this at some point – you may be left searching for more. If these repetitive trades are consistently losing you money or just breaking even, why then wouldn’t you want to search for strategies with better outcomes?


In highly volatile and uncertain markets that we are seeing of late, stop losses cannot always be relied on to protect downside risk. This is where risk defined trades come in.


A basic credit spread involves selling an out-of-the-money option while simultaneously purchasing a further out-of-the-money option.


Writing covered calls can increase the total yield on otherwise fairly static trading positions. It’s often used by portfolio managers who control large funds.


When selling (writing) options, one crucial consideration is the margin requirement. Correct planning in this area will help you to avoid the stress...


Why Sell Options? Writing uncovered options has the traditional connotation of “picking up nickels in front of a steamroller”. So why would anyone in...