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LiteForex is an entry level forex broker which was established in 2005. They offer their clients the ability to trade in 38 currency pairs, precious metals, oil, CFDs, currency baskets and world stock indices.

Liteforex broker
Liteforex broker © forexop

A broad range of account types are offered. The entry level ones will appeal to beginners and smaller investors due to their low deposit and the ability to trade fractional lots.

They don’t provide a web trading platform as such. Their web portal lets you administer your account, add and remove funds, create new sub accounts, and manage copy trading (see below).

To trade on your own you’ll need to download the MetaTrader package and install it on your PC desktop. This broker supports both MT4 and MT5. They also offer trading apps for several different mobile devices.

A wide array of funding choices are available including bank, credit card, Skrill, WebMoney, and bitcoin.

Key Features of LiteForex

  • “Nano” trading accounts available with lowest deposits of one dollar.
  • Choice of dealing desk or “open market” execution accounts.
  • Leverage up to 1000 times.
  • Fixed spreads from 3 pips are available on dealing desk accounts.
  • Trailing stops can be used.
  • In order to trade, you’ll need to download the MetaTrader software – there isn’t a web interface.
  • Social trading is available.
  • Bonuses of up to 200% are available but there are minimum “trading activity” requirements.

Account Types

Cent account

This is the starter account, which you can open with a minimum deposit of $10. It’s available in four major currencies. This account is suitable for extremely small scale trading activities. The minimum transaction size is only one tenth of a micro lot or $100 per trade contract.

If you are using the maximum leverage of 1:1000, that means your smallest margin for the smallest position size would be 10 cents. And each pip you gain or lose is worth approximately 1 cent.

Classic account

The next level up is the Classic account. The minimum deposit here is $50, and the maximum leverage is 500:1. The minimum trade size is 1 micro lot – or $1000.

Trades on both the Cent and Classic accounts are executed through LiteForex‘s dealing desk. This means they are your market maker. These account types both provide instant execution and fixed spreads from 3 pips upwards.

Liteforex bonus offers on new deposits
Liteforex bonus offers on new deposits © forexop

Fixed spreads can be both a blessing and a curse. Although you have some peace of mind that your spreads won’t widen during high volatility – it means you risk being frequently “requoted”.

Requotes Requoting happens when your quoted price changes between the time your quote is offered and the time your trade is received for execution. Usually this happens in volatile markets that are rapidly “adjusting”. Usually this is because of news announcements or technical conditions.

Fixed spreads give you some peace of mind that your spreads won’t widen during high volatility – but it means you risk being frequently “requoted”.

The broker can’t (or won’t) execute the trade at the quoted price and therefore needs to offer you a new price or requote. This doesn’t happen with variable spread accounts because the spread usually just widens to compensate for the higher volatility – or less predictable pricing environment.

Tip When choosing your account type, you’ll need to weigh-up if your strategy will require a lot of trading during economic announcements or during other volatile periods.

If so it’s probably better to go for a variable spread account (see below). Otherwise you’ll just be hampered by requoting. The other option is to place limit orders instead of market orders.

ECN accounts

If you prefer your trades to be executed on the open market via the interbank network, you have a choice between NDD (non dealing desk) or STP (straight through processing) type accounts.

The ECN is a micro account, while the STP is a mini account. In most other respects they’re the same other than the minimum balances, maximum leverage and the interest rate. Typical spread for the ECN account is 0.9 pips plus commission.

Segregated accounts

LiteForex doesn’t offer segregated accounts as standard. With non segregated accounts – basically all of the above – your funds are at risk if the company goes bankrupt or is subjected to a force majeure.

In order to isolate your funds from the company’s balance sheet and keep them out of harms way you’ll need to opt for the segregated account and have a nominated custodian. Worth it in my view if you have a big trading account.

Social – Using LiteForex’s Copy Trader

If you plan to use LiteForex as an investment platform – rather than for trading, their copy trading platform is what you’ll be interested in. A new social copy trading system is now available and replaces their old PAMM account. Copy trade is an automatic trade copying service that lets you invest your money with one or more experienced traders. Unlike regular PAMM you can do this on a per trade level rather than committing a chunk of capital.

I’ve talked about PAMM investments several times before on forexop – these services are now offered by a variety of different brokers. LiteForex’s social trading system has an easy setup and lets you start investing with funds as low as $10 per trader.

This can all be managed through your account panel on the main website.

If you’re interested in using these sorts of investment tools, please take a look at my separate LiteForex PAMM account article on forexop which covers this subject in a lot more detail.

Trader’s Tools

Research and analytics: LiteForex’s economic news feed is provided through the website fxstreet. No point in re-inventing the wheel! They do however have their own in-house analysts who provide daily market opinions and commentary – mostly on technical aspects but also a little on fundamentals.

In the “tools” section, they also have a couple of handy little calculators. The trading calculator lets you run “what if” scenarios. Using the extended mode, you can see profit potential, required margin and fees.

There’s also a Fibonacci calculator that works out retracement levels. To be honest most charting software will do this for you – but it is sometimes handy to have the exact numbers crunched for you.

Trading calculator
Trading calculator © forexop

Help and Support: I’ve used the live support system quite a bit on LiteForex. Most of the time I found the chat operators to be helpful, polite and have good expertize. With more complex questions, they do often just “quote verbatim” chunks of text from the website rather than personalizing the answer to what you need.

The offline support system was a lot slower. It sometimes take several days to get an email response, and can require a few follow ups.

Using Robots and EAs

LiteForex will allow you to use 3rd party robots and expert advisors (EAs) provided they run through the MetaTrader terminal. Unfortunately you can’t connect your account to ZuluTrade or any other signal platform that I’m aware of.

If you’re going to use automated software, you can also opt for a VPS service. VPS, or Virtual Private Servers costs $20 per month. This basically lets you run your software – hands-free -on a remote server. Essential if you’re running an automated program trading strategy.

Bonuses & Competitions

Right now, LiteForex has several different bonuses to choose from. There’s even one for people who’ve lost money in trading. A welcome bonus of up to 200% is offered to new clients. The bonus is given on all deposits over $100 but there are conditions.

Note: To release the bonus and turn it into real equity you’ll need to do a lot of trading to satisfy the minimum volume requirements. Up until that point, your bonus can’t be withdrawn or used for trading.

Keep an eye out for trading competitions too. These change from time to time, but they often have some substantial prizes up for grabs.

Is This A Good Broker?

The account types and services offered by LiteForex don’t really distinguish it that much from other forex brokers out there. There is up to a 200% deposit bonus, but to achieve that you’ll need satisfy their minimum trade volumes which are quite high.

The main point in favor of LiteForex I think is their social trading. I like this tool for a number of reasons. It’s simple, provides comprehensive performance data, and lets you get started with very small investment amounts – just $10.

Liteforex’s EU business is regulated by CySec. There’s also a separate firm for worldwide clients. This company is registered in the Marshal Islands. Which is an offshore jurisdiction.

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  1. I’m a beginner investor, I began to invest in traders through social trading platform from LiteForex broker. This is my first experience with Forex, so far i have no problems with trading. I can say that this broker have responsive technical support, I solve all my issues through them.

  2. I applied for withdrawal of funds and received my funds only after 5 days, on liteforex site says that the withdrawal of funds can take from 1 to 3 days. I like everything when working with this broker, but I would like to receive my money within 24 hours after I send the withdrawal request.

  3. I am not a very experienced trader, and for me it is very important that the broker provide auxiliary tools for trading. LiteForex has a platform for social trading, i started to use this platform. Thanks to this innovative platform due this platform i am able to make my trading better, I will continue to improve my skills.

  4. I used multi-terminal for trading , during my work with this terminal sometimes hung quotes.I tried to trade using an ordinary terminal, with a terminal metatrader 4 there are no problems, i will continue to trade by using mt4 terminal

  5. Good broker with good trading conditions. Withdrawal usually take less than 24 hours . Two monthes ago i got 200% bonus from LiteForex.

  6. liteforex has ended the condition for minimum deposit in ECN accounts, its a good news for trader who dont have enough money to meet those minimum deposit requirement.

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