What do I do when the loss?
When you lose, you force yourself time to learn and research about the reasons for this loss.
There is no one of us did not lose, but successful is looking for a reason
Can win $ 1000, may lose $ 1000 in an hour or less or more but
Truth that must be known to us all is how we won or how
Is the profit or loss on the advance planning or is it luck.
Here are some tips I hope to learn, including:
1. Realized that the return that must be achieved from this work a year is around the average return of the World annual profit (do not put it Bmekheltk to $ 10000 could reap another 10 000 during the year).
2. You should try to be educated not outlet.
3. Do not follow the deal profitable deal reckless.
4. Do not follow the package deal of loss-making reprisals.
5. Away from work when they are tense.


Though I know, losing money in Forex is the most depressing moment, but whenever I lose any Trade I try to be cool and relaxed. I do not place any random trade after that one and I surely try to find out what mistake I have done on that trade. So this is how I learn from my own mistakes and then recover my losses.


Losses are part of the game, any activity that involves risk will also carry the possibility of losing money. So what can be done to deal with losses?
Above all we have to manage them; first of all you should have an idea as to how much you are willing to lose per trade, then you have to see if that fits in with the volatility of the market. You may need to trade smaller sizes, if your stop loss is too small you may get stopped out simply because of the volatility, whipsaw, to then see the price go your direction again….!!!
You also need to consider the time frame you are trading over, if you are day trading then your stop losses will be smaller than if you keep you positions open various days.

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