The price is moving sideways and we’ll have to wait for a fresh signal that will clarify the direction on this pair. The price is trading into a support area, that’s why we have to be patient to see what will happen next. As I’ve said, the price is into a support zone represented by the static support from 0.7682, the price is also above the median line of the descending pitchfork and looks like is not capable to close and stay below this line.

Now we have two scenarios:
1. The price will break the static support and will fall along the median line to reach the next support levels from 0,7523 and lower at 0,7455.
2. This static support will hold and the price will grow again with first target at the descending trendline, you can see that this trendline was tested three times till now. Resistance can be found also higher at the former ascending trendline and also at the upper median line, this levels can be used as targets if the price will be bullish again.


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