I want to become a day trader but have no more to spare than $150 tops at this moment. Is it enough or should i wait until i have a bigger amount to trade with? also what technique should be using with small balance?


Why Not? There are so many Good Brokers out there that even let traders to start trading with minimum of $5. Just find yourself a Good broker, obviously check its regulation policy, and start trading right now. When the balance is small, Money management should be followed must.


$150 is fine but with a small account you will be better with a broker that lets you use flexible lot sizes rather than fixed – oanda or etoro will for example. They work better when you have really small trade sizes, like $10, $20,…. You could also use what’s called a nano account, that means every trade you do is of a fixed size (the smallest size of 1/1000 of a standard lot). As Jayc Spik says you will need to watch your money management too.

Day traders use a combination of different techniques: range trading and breakout-trading are popular and are what most people start with. Hope that helps.

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