I provide a free signal service to my Hot Forex affiliate clients. If you would like to take a 60-day trial just open a Hot Forex demo account and email your account number to myfxpt@bigpond.com (please enter “Free Trial” in the subject line). I am rewarded only if you choose to open a live account, so my service is always free to clients.

My strategy trades the daily timeframe across a wide range of currency symbols. Trade duration is dependent on the opportunity at the time, and can range from a few hours to a week or more. This is classic position trading based on the old principle of letting profits run, and cutting losses short.

Email signals are automatically sent to you the instant I make a trade, and look like this:

Order opened on a/c myfxpt: Buy 1.00 lots AUDJPY @ 93.588. Ticket #74913007 at 2015.04.28 02:07:36 | stop-loss 92.549

Please don’t waste your time asking about historical account performance. It’s irrelevant. All that counts is today and tomorrow, and that’s why I’m offering you 60-days to test my strategy risk free. If you like what you see, open a Hot Forex live account with me…simple!


This week to date:


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