Thanks for the reply Steve!

The forums here aren’t as buzzing as they deserve to be, but you have a great site here and I’m hoping we can bring some smart traders here who understand market dynamics rather than your average uninformed and consistently losing retail traders that crowd the normal forums like FF and Babypips. Your institutional experience is a great plus and if you ever need help with pushing out FX news and economic events articles or technical road maps let me know. I really enjoy the articles you’ve written and personally starting from the retail space, it’s great to find someone who actually knows the market structure and order flow analysis.

Your analysis is fairly spot on and even with the recent less hawkish than expected FOMC meeting and weak NFP, the U.S. economy is still performing better than other 2 countries. The problem with going long USD is timing and I think it’s best to wait for strong demand to show itself before entering.

I’m watching EUR/USD, kind of iffy about about GBP/USD the way it’s acted. Draghi definitely won’t want a strong euro and has stated the ECB is willing to act if needed on further stimulus.

All eyes now are on a December rate hike. There is just so much indecision right now as China fears cause risk aversion, only to switch the next day. Our best choice now is to follow the flow. The market will be focused on USD retail sales and a weak number could really mean China’s slowdown is erupting into the U.S. Economy. Technical indicators continue to point to bearish USD moves, but there are fundamental reasons to stay out or go long USD in many pairs. It’s best to wait for the highest probability scenarios to line up.

See you guys Monday!