Hi Steve and FxGuy,

I stumbled on an EA which uses martingale. I have seen them before and have the , perhaps wrong, feeling that martingale EA’s always will break only question is “when”.

I am a great fan of Mr Taleb’s books The Black Swan and the other fooled by randomness and perhaps a bit over cautious with all kind of systems promising 5-10% profit a month, max DD of 20% (but don’t worry, that has never happened).

For me a DD of 20% is exactly what Mr Taleb tells in his books, it will happen someday (Black Swan) but you won’t know if you have to stop at -15% or not (fooled by randomness).

So I was looking for some info about martingale systems and found Steve’s site (great info!) and thought “let’s ask two experts on their thoughts of this system”

At http://www.wealthcreation.sg you can find more about the system, they some also some history files where you can see how it trades.

I am very curious what you think of it!