I think trading FX has to be looked at from a retail level as opposed to an institutional level. Institutional trading benefits from insight, analysis and deal flow which at a retail level we see none of. Add to that the usually very high leverage retail traders use and we are in a completely different ball game. Concentrating on being disciplined, sticking to the trading plan or strategy, which inevitably is going to be based on Technical analysis, is the way to find profitability. No doubts fundamentals also are very useful in understanding which currency is going to increase/decrease in value against another, this will help us understand the overall or medium term trend. But I prefer placing my trades in short term intra-day trades, I’m in control as I’m in front of my screen or at least it’s accessible. This means that your most useful analysis will be Technical, as in any given day markets can go up or down and move against the overall longer trend.